Scaling & Growing

The problem with most business is that they are either in stagnation, or that they are growing at accelerated rate that outgrows their own capability and capacity and through the business into chaos and big deal of pressure. Growth sometimes becomes the problem itself, because most business don’t develop at the same pace as they grow. As a result, customer service suffers, operations become complex and costly.

The desire of most business owners and entrepreneurs is to scale and grow their business and develop new sources of revenue, but if that was that easy, most business would be there already and normally that’s not the case. That’s exactly where we come in. We make grow and development possible.

The Process – How do we do it

  • We start by developing a very clear understanding of your vision and business goals. Once that’s established, we carry out a full assessment of your business setup and operations and we assess if the existing business capability, capacity and structure allows you to deliver We study your business model and we look at alternative revenue streams and different approaches to operations you might have not considered before and as ‘architects’ of organisational growth and performance, we lay the building blocks and foundation of growth for your business.
  • We map out your core processes and undertake a review to eliminate waste, reduce cost, optimise performance and speed up delivery. We also look into all your support functions to ensure they are optimised and in full alignment with the vision (HR processes, marketing activity, supply chain, customer journey, technology and the financial business model).
  • As we ‘build’ your vision, we ensure the business is properly equipped to support a fluid, responsive and flexible operation. We do this by looking into communication and reporting processes, technology and information flow; fundamental elements if you want your business to scale and grow.

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The Outcome – What to expect

  • A business model that is scalable and suitable for growth, with alternative revenue streams and different operational approaches
  • An organisational design and business structure that serves as the foundation to an accelerated and sustainable business growth
  • Specific action plans in place which enhance and strengthen the capacity and capability of the business
  • A responsive and agile operations with optimised process and improved performance
  • Full alignment between your core operations and the support functions of the business and the vision

Some of the questions we consider while doing this work

  • Can the existing business model deliver the growth you want?
  • Does the business have the capability and capacity to deliver your goals?
  • Do you have absolute clarity around what makes your business profitable?
  • Do you clearly understand your position in the market and what gives you an advantage?
  • Are there other avenues for growth and expansion that you could explore?
  • Are franchising, licensing, joint ventures and outsourcing suitable strategies for your business?

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