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  • Ernesto has an unique ability to integrate himself with the team and to identify their development needs. His training style is highly interactive and by understanding our Business he achieves great results. He has become our ‘first choice’ when selecting a trainer

    Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy DVB Bank / Senior Vice President
  • During our national conferences Ernesto built up an incredible atmosphere, guiding people through a process of deep self-reflection, motivation and finally to get them of the path of taking brave decisions. An audience of 50 people or 200+, Ernesto can handle them all. He is a huge inspiration for the members of my organisation and myself

    Rebecca Weimann
    Rebecca Weimann AIESEC Switzerland / President
  • A poignant and engaging team building course that helped our team to review our performance standards and improve our ways of working and communicating. A very pragmatic and practical approach

    Karen Cox
    Karen Cox easyJet / Head of Ground Operations
  • Ernesto was a member of the “Entrepreneurs: Behaviours of Success” panel. He received excellent feedback from employees particularly on how impressive his personal journey has been- and how open and willing he was to share it. They also rated this genuine advice, his honesty and how willing he seemed to talk to people after the panel. He is an excellent speaker that I couldn’t rate higher!

    Karen Pepper
    Karen Pepper Panel Moderator and Adelante EMEA Committee Member
  • He brought the professionalism we were looking for and managed to combine this with an understanding of how to motivate more creative people in the business. Managing change and embedding process is never easy, but Ernesto’s natural leadership style quickly engendered respect from the MESH team. Working with Ernesto has delivered so much more to us than what we initially expected. However big or small the role, he has always acted as a true partner.

    Fiona Blades
    Fiona Blades CEO / MESH Planning
  • Ernesto is a great motivational speaker. My colleagues were impressed by his personal and professional journey. Ernesto, you were superb! It was our pleasure to listen to your story and appreciate your authenticity fully. Many thanks for helping us to make the ‘Make it Happen’ event a great one.

    Claudia Davies
    Claudia Davies Global Exploration Team / Shell
  • Ernesto quickly and professionally came to the rescue when we needed a speaker to engage our team on ‘Personal Purpose’. His style, based on personal passion, belief and philosophies that are thought-provoking but not dictatorial where really well received. He understood the brief and ensuring our people take charge of their purpose, and the role they plan in our organisation and he delivered.

    Maria Koutsoudakis
    Maria Koutsoudakis Marks & Spencer / Head of Brand and Marketing General Merchandise
  • I've heard many talks before and I believe a good talk is one that leaves everyone better off than when they enter the room. Different from the rest, today I know I have left with something that will change my life. I took many notes that will stay with me. I'm inspired massively.

    Kishan Devraj
    Kishan Devraj
  • Ernesto has an engaging natural storytelling style and had the audience captivated from the start. He spoke straight from the heart with an authenticity which was compelling and motivational. Ernesto is a strong speaker with an interesting and inspirational story.

    Ruth Moir
    Ruth Moir Coordinator, Sunday Assembly

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