Team Accelerator

Take your team on accelerated development journey to the high-performing stage


Putting a high-performing team together is not a random act; it requires design, planning and careful implementation. Having brilliant people alone does not necessarily lead to innovation or great performance. What creates innovation and greatness is the conversations, ideas and insights that emerge when these brilliant people work together. However, this process can take time, as individuals have to build trust, develop common goals and establish ways of working.

Our Team Accelerator programme acts as a catalyst to this process and it takes your team to the high-performance stage faster than it would normally take them on their own.

Experiential, rather than theoretical

Our Team Accelerator programme is not packed with theories, models and frameworks that outline the stages of team development. It is actually a very experiential intervention where we take the team through a journey of discoveries around their own dynamics and their own personality styles.

During the programme, we guide participants through a journey where they discover their own strengths, aligning these to the team’s objectives and understand the team dynamics that take place. They also get to craft their team manifesto, rules of engagement and a set of ways of working that enable them to achieve their purpose, goals and objectives. We do this though a combination of classroom-based training, group coaching, psychometric testing and by developing a team structure that strengthen cohesiveness, trust and high-quality standards.


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By the end of the session participants will:

  • Expand their understanding of themselves as leaders
  • Increase their self-awareness, confidence and self-belief as leaders
  • Understand their natural leadership and influencing styles
  • Gain an understanding of how to identify triggers and manage emotions
  • Have a better understanding of the role as leaders
  • Learn how to engage, lead and motivate others
  • Learn tools and techniques they can apply to influence people
  • Be able to create a ripple effect of change in their organisations
Content Outline

Team Development Process

  • The High-Performance Team Development Process
  • How to accelerate the journey to the WOW stage
  • Communication in teams and team psychology
  • Tuckman’s stages of team development
  • The Drexler-Sibbet team development model

The Team Architecture

  • Defining team membership
  • Creating a team manifesto and charter
  • Defining the team values and goals

Building Trust

  • Getting to know team players
  • The power of accountability
  • Technique to accelerate building trust
  • Common team pitfalls ad how to overcome them

Team Dynamics

  • Personality types
  • Identifying strengths
  • The psychology of teams
  • Handling conflict
  • Inclusion and diversity

Productivity and Effective Ways of Working

  • Defining goals and work plans
  • Roles, resources and decision-making
  • Reporting and progress trackers
  • Working across cultures and virtual teams

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