Ernesto regularly runs workshops, seminars and evening debates around the topics of philosophy, psychology and personal development. Most of Ernesto’s events are run under the banner of ‘Expanding Circles’ a group that meets monthly to have profound evening conversations about life, psychology, spirituality, success and personal development. Ernesto also run 1-day workshops on the topics of personal reliance and finding one’s life purpose. Ernesto’s events are known for being inspirational, insightful and highly thought-provoking.

Expanding Circles

Imagine a group of people from different walks of life coming together to discuss to engage in profound personal development conversations around wide range of topics that include psychology, spirituality, success, relationships, entrepreneurship, science, religion and some of the most philosophical questions of life. Expanding Circles is a space for personal development and self-exploration.

We sit in a circle and exchange stories, ideas and experiences and challenge each other’s beliefs. We let the conversation to flow naturally wherever participants feel it should go. This leads to people having insights and ‘aha!’ moments that expand their self-awareness and make them think differently about themselves and others.

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Profound conversations that stimulate the mind and expand people’s understanding of their own lives and the lives of others

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