Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs)

Turning SMEs into scalable high-performance businesses

The tree and rood
  • You have a successful business, but you want to take it to the next level
  • Your business is doing well, but the bottom line does not seem to show it
  • You are working very hard, but the business is not developing fast enough
  • You want to franchise your business, but you don’t know how to go about it
  • You want to increase your revenue, but you feel you have run out of options

If this resonates with you, read on because we might be the people you have been looking for.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs start their business with an idea that they are passionate about, but for businesses to succeed, one has to be equally passionate about building the systems, processes and structures for the business to grow as well as being able to engage and develop the people that make it all happen. This is what we do.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs work very hard to GROW their business, but not all of them manage to DEVELOP their business at the same pace. As a result, their businesses eventually become stagnant and they wonder why can’t they grow them any further.


We take your businesses

from GOOD to GREAT

Our Journey Together

  • Review

    Organisational review to assess current capabilities, performance and opportunities

  • Strategy

    Defining what good looks like and crafting a clear strategy to get there

  • Quick Wins

    Implement actions that will generate immediate savings and improvements

  • Growth Foundations

    Laying the long-term foundations that will enable scaling and growth

  • Scale & Growth

    Executing the long-term strategy to scale and grow the business

Our 4X4 Approach

As we work through the review process shown above, we work with you across four pillar in four different areas. The diagram below shows how we approach a ‘Grow and Scale’ project with Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs)

Expanding Leadership SME Consulting Approach Ernesto Moreno

Arrange a Discovery Session

If you feel your business would benefit from a complimentary review, get in touch to book a Discovery Session with our lead consultant Ernesto Moreno

Listen to Ernesto Moreno, Director of Expanding Leadership, talk about the work we do with Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) and the approach we follow when we work with them.

how we can work together


Expanding Minds

Fortnightly evening meetings with 7 participants over a period of 6 months.


1-Day Intensives

A full day workshop for up to twenty participants. Theme of workshops change regularly.


4×4 Consultancy

Our prime service where we work with you on a personalised and dedicated 1-2-1 basis.

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