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Ernesto is an experienced business consultant, people development specialist and entrepreneur. He has accumulated more than 20 years of experience whilst working for leading consulting companies such as Atos Consulting and PwC and whilst consulting for a wide range of well-known businesses and organisations both in the UK and abroad. Now, under the banner of Expanding Leadership, his own training and consulting company, Ernesto focuses on delivering Management Training, coaching and Developing Leaders and working with Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) to help them develop, grow and scale.

Ernesto moved from Venezuela to the UK when he was 23 with only £300 in his pocket and very soon started his journey as an entrepreneur by opening his first Subway restaurant with his business partners. The business grew very quickly and in just a few years they had established a chain of 15 franchised restaurants, a few years later in conjunction with his brother he had established another 16 stores in the retail and service industries which now give employment to more than 350 people. Ernesto now helps other entrepreneurs and business owners to launch and grow their businesses and is one of the brains helping to develop the Arepa & Co brand, a Venezuelan inspired restaurant chain in London.

Keynote Speaker

Ernesto is passionate about helping others to learn and grow and he is often invited to speak at a conferences and events and is often seen delivering talks and workshops which inspire people to think differently and take action. His talks are often described as highly engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking.

Ernesto is a natural storyteller and often shares his personal experiences during his talks and he is never shy of talking about the ‘emotional stuff’ that is at the core of his successes and failures. Ernesto talks about change, resilience, leadership and making things happen.

Ernesto Moreno, TEDx Freiburg, Speaker and Entrepreneur
Ernesto Speaking at TEDxFreiburg"Entrepreneurship as a source of Happiness" ---> Click here to WATCH
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Ernesto’s Recent Talks
  • ‘Entrepreneurship as a source of Happiness’ | TEDxFreiburg | London
  • ‘On Purpose’ | Sunday Assembly | London
  • ‘Making It Happen’ | Shell London | Panel for Asian, African and Ibero-American Network
  • ‘Finding Your Purpose’ | Marks & Spencer | London
  • ‘On Entrepreneurship’ | JP Morgan in London | Speaking for ‘Adelante’ diversity network
  • ‘The Source of Resilience’ | The Incitement at MindValley | Kuala Lumpar
  • ‘Behaviours of Success’ | Annual Marketing Convention | Mondelez/Kraft | London
  • ‘Courage and Confidence’ | Marks & Spencer | London
  • ‘Enabling Growth Mindset’ | AIESEC International Conference 2015 | Taiwan
  • ‘Authentic Leadership’ | AIESEC Swiss National Conference 2015 | Switzerland
  • ‘Generation Z: The Future of the Organisations’ | Corporate & Cocktails HR | London
  • ‘Millenials in the Workplace’ | Association of Business Psychology Conference | UK
Ernesto Moreno Speaker at Sunday Assembly, Expanding Leadership, Entrepreneur, Speaker
Ernesto Speaking at Sunday Assembly London"Myths about Finding your Purpose" ---> Click here to WATCH
Ernesto Moreno, Ernestoria, Expanding Leadership, Expanding Circles, Entrepreneur, Venezuela
From Students to Executives

Ernesto easily adapts to different types of audiences, from young university students to groups of senior business owners. Ernesto has delivered talks for anything between 20 min to 2 hrs to audiences of up to from 500 people. He has also delivered extensive training sessions for up to 450 people for up to 7 hours. Ernesto has delivered speeches in Taiwan, Malaysia, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Turkey, Switzerland and the UK.


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  • I've heard many talks before and I believe a good talk is one that leaves everyone better off than when they enter the room. Different from the rest, today I know I have left with something that will change my life. I took many notes that will stay with me. I'm inspired massively.

    Kishan Devraj
    Kishan Devraj
  • Ernesto quickly and professionally came to the rescue when we needed a speaker to engage our team on ‘Personal Purpose’. His style, based on personal passion, belief and philosophies that are thought-provoking but not dictatorial where really well received. He understood the brief and ensuring our people take charge of their purpose, and the role they plan in our organisation and he delivered.

    Maria Koutsoudakis
    Maria Koutsoudakis Marks & Spencer / Head of Brand and Marketing General Merchandise
  • Ernesto was a member of the “Entrepreneurs: Behaviours of Success” panel. He received excellent feedback from employees particularly on how impressive his personal journey has been- and how open and willing he was to share it. They also rated this genuine advice, his honesty and how willing he seemed to talk to people after the panel. He is an excellent speaker that I couldn’t rate higher!

    Karen Pepper
    Karen Pepper Panel Moderator and Adelante EMEA Committee Member
  • During our national conferences Ernesto built up an incredible atmosphere, guiding people through a process of deep self-reflection, motivation and finally to get them of the path of taking brave decisions. An audience of 50 people or 200+, Ernesto can handle them all. He is a huge inspiration for the members of my organisation and myself

    Rebecca Weimann
    Rebecca Weimann AIESEC Switzerland / President

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