Leadership Development

Leadership is at the very centre of everything we do and we believe that everybody has a leader within. What we do is simple – we help people discover their true strengths and equip them with the skills and knowledge that match their talents; and it is during this journey that they discover their own leadership style and unearth their ability to inspire others and create long lasting change.

Our approach is unconventional when compared to many others: we understand that people have different experiences, backgrounds, personality traits, learning styles and motivations and this is why at Expanding Leadership we work out the unique formula that best fits each individual in their personalised leadership development journey.

Leadership Development

We do not commoditise leadership; we do not put everyone through the same programme. For us leadership is a journey of self-discovery and confidence building; and this is why their leadership development journey with us becomes unique for every individual that gets to work with us.

If you want to know more about our approach to leadership development just ask us for a complimentary discovery session to explore your leadership needs and people development plans.

Expanding Leadership

Our flagship leadership programme, a journey of self-discovery into leading one self and leading others

Team Accelerator

Take your team on accelerated development journey to the high-performing stage

Emotional Intelligence

A two-day programme that takes participants on a journey of discovering their own emotions and the emotions of others

Agile Leadership

This course takes the participants through a journey of self-discovery and development to become more responsive to change and to be able to operate, create and foster an agile culture and organisation

Resilience & Bouncing Back

Developing the skills of resilience and how to bounce-back from setbacks, adversity and unexpected outcomes

The Daring Way

Examining the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that hold people back and identifying practices that move them toward more creative, courageous and authentic behaviours

Getting Things Done

Going beyond time management to the real source of productivity, effectiveness and getting things done

Management Skills

A journey into the foundations and intricacies of management

Managing Change

Our flagship change programme where we teach others how to plan and navigate change effectively, and more importantly, how to make it stick!

Presentation Skills

Developing your people into convincing, confident and impactful presenters, public speakers and facilitators

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