Expanding Leadership

This course takes the participants through a journey of exploration and self-discovery to help them develop their ability to lead and influence others

Expanding Leadership

Leadership is all about being able to lead others in the quest for a vision or the achievement of something. Thousands of organisations want to recruit and develop leaders because they are seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ of personal, organisational and business success. However, achieving a vision through leading people is just the outcome or result of a leadership process; the actual Leadership journey is where the work and the magic happens and it is about managing peoples’ emotions, motivating them, keeping them delivering the best and navigating uncertain waters that emerge as the result of personality clashes, team dynamics, politics and unexpected events. This is the complexity of Leadership.

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The other challenge in the Leadership Development journey comes from the fact that learning to manage our own emotions (and the emotions of others) is an art and not just a ‘one-size fits all’ or an ‘easy-to-follow’ recipe. Leadership is at the heart of human psychology and it is at the junction of enquiry, the development of new habits and the creation of new behavioural patterns. This is why our programme ‘Expanding Leadership’ is structured in two stages, the inner journey and the journey with others.

Expanding Leadership

Our Approach

Expanding Leadership is built upon the premise that we cannot lead and manage others if we cannot manage ourselves. This is why we begin with expanding the participants’ understanding of themselves and by increasing their self-awareness. Through this journey we explore the participants’ drivers, motivations, purpose, strengths, triggers, management style and help them gain more confidence, self-belief and clarity. By expanding the participants’ knowledge and understanding of themselves, we are expanding their capabilities and their ability to recognise and seize the opportunities that they encounter.

Once this is established, we work on expanding their ability to lead, engage and motivate others as well as improving their grasp of the process of Leadership. We finish the programme by expanding their understanding of how they can create an ‘expanding ripple effect’ in the organisations as well as society in general through the use of technology and social influence.

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By the end of the session participants will:

  • Expand their understanding of themselves as leaders
  • Increase their self-awareness, confidence and self-belief as leaders
  • Understand their natural leadership and influencing styles
  • Gain an understanding of how to identify triggers and manage emotions
  • Have a better understanding of the role as leaders
  • Learn how to engage, lead and motivate others
  • Learn tools and techniques they can apply to influence people
  • Be able to create a ripple effect of change in their organisations
Day 1 - Leading Self

Expanding Leadership Examined

  • The new economy
  • Management vs Leadership
  • The myths of Leadership
  • Defining Leadership
  • Expanding Leadership
  • The Leadership debate
  • The source of Leadership

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Neuroscience and Leadership
  • Understanding and controlling emotions
  • Recognising and managing other’s emotions
  • The proactive model

Personality Types and Leadership Styles

  • Impact of personality types on leadership styles
  • Traditional vs. contemporary styles
  • Using the right style in the right situation

The Daring Leader

  • Breaking through limiting beliefs
  • Developing courage as key leadership trait
  • The authentic leader and the extra mile
  • Your leadership development action plan
Day 2 - Leading Others

Understanding who you Lead

  • The strengths approach
  • How to lead different personality types
  • Communicating effectively 

Engaging People to Excellence

  • How to motivate people and how can leaders motivate?
  • How to gain people’s commitment and loyalty
  • The source of employee engagement

Leading High-Performing Teams

  • Developing high-performing teams
  • Understanding and managing team dynamics
  • Accelerating your team to the high-performing state
Day 3 - Expanding Leadership

You as a Coach

  • The leader as Mentor
  • The leader as Coach
  • Developing Coaching skills

Influencing People

  • Persuading people
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Managing conflict 

Leadership as Process

  • Performance Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Turning vision into tasks

The Future of Organisations

  • Leading millennials
  • The technology of leadership
  • Online and social media reputation and influence

Expanding Leadership is our flagship programme and the full version has a duration of five days. Shorter versions are also available depending on client needs.

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