“Turning your business into a franchisable venture”

If you think your business has the potential to be franchisible or you want to develop a franchised business that others can invest into, we can help you do that.

We are specialists in preparing and developing businesses that want to scale by going into franchising. We help you identify and encode the intellectual capital, the know-how and the assets you already have so that they can be transferable and replicable. We also help you understand how you can leverage these assets in order to grow your business exponentially and create significant amounts of passive income.

The Process – How do we do it

We help you put together an attractive, appealing and compelling business proposition that delivers clear benefits to you and the potential franchisees.

We develop all the legal requirements to protect your brand and we also assess the different business models and options available to you to take the business into the franchising or licensing market.

We study and assess your business in detail in order to find efficiency savings, reduce your costs and increase your revenue. We make your operations lean and we open windows of opportunity for you.

We help you to capture and encode the success of your existing business in a way that is easily replicable and transferable but that at the same time allows to keep a tight control of your brand, the operations and quality standards.

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The Outcome – What to expect

  • A fully assessed suite of business models that could lead to new and and revenue streams or ways of scaling your business
  • An optimised, efficient and lean business that is ready to be franchisable and replicated somewhere else
  • A fully assessed and proven business model and business proposition that attracts potential franchisees and investors

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