Migrants are also Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs take the plunge and leave their comfort zone in the pursuit of an idea or a long-awaited dream. Migrants do the same; they leave their home and friends behind in search of opportunities, a better life and their long-awaited dreams.

Entrepreneurs are not happy with their current circumstance or how things are. They take their destiny in their own hands, challenge the status quo and choose to create something new. That’s exactly what migrants do; they take action to change their reality.

Entrepreneurs start new things with very little resources and usually with little support from those around them. That’s exactly what migrants do; they leave home in search of a new life while others ask them ‘are you sure?’

Entrepreneurs go through failure, adversity and struggle before they ‘make it’, it is the same for migrants. Entrepreneurs risk most of what they have to make something happen. Migrants do the same.

Entrepreneurs embrace the uncertainty of not knowing if their ideas will work out as planned or work out at all. Migrants leave their countries not knowing if their plans will work out and or if their dreams will come true.

Entrepreneurs are resilient and determined. They bounce back from adversity and keep pushing forward regardless of the setback or circumstances. The ones that do not believe in themselves, do not have the resilience to bounce back and they do not keep pushing forward are the ones that never see their dreams come true. Likewise, migrants that do not believe in themselves and lack the resilience to keep pushing forward are the ones that do not make it in a foreign land. What it takes an entrepreneur to succeed is virtually what it takes an immigrant to ‘make it’ abroad.

If you are an entrepreneur, you very probably have what it takes to succeed if you moved somewhere else and became a migrant. If you are an immigrant, you probably already have everything you need to succeed as an entrepreneur.

If you are a migrant, why don’t you attempt to start something new to take you to the next level? “Nah, I do not have an idea” -I hear you say-. Ideas are not as important as the traits, habits, skills and mindset required to execute ideas. If you are a migrant, you are also an entrepreneur. Start now.

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